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Lectern Portals


Lectern portals allow you to teleport by using a book on a lectern.

  1. Start by crafting a portal book.
  2. While holding the portal book, right-click on the ground where you wish to set the teleport destination.
  3. Put the portal book on a lectern.
  4. Open the portal book on the lectern and click "take book".

Bottled Exp


Bottled Exp allows you to store your experience orbs into glass bottles for later use.

  1. Craft some glass bottles
  2. Obtain at-least 10 levels worth of experience.
  3. While holding a glass bottle, left-click on an enchanting table.

Note:  10% of the experience is lost in the process.

Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention allows you to protect your things using a golden shovel.

Mine-able Spawners


Break and obtain mob spawners!

You can obtain mob spawners and use them to make your own mob grinders!

  1. Break the spawner using a silk touch enchanted pickaxe.



RPG Skills & Abilities

mcMMO provides a variety of addicting and extremely useful skills to help aid your adventures. You can also party with friends for combined fun.

I suggest reading the mcMMO wiki for more information.